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12.07.2024 PlotCalc 2024.07.12 - Fixed a bug related to the scattering of shapes in the Corel...


Automatic Nesting of shapes on a sheet

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1. For automatic arrangement of figures on a page, detach them and press the button "Place.." on the PlotCalc toolbar.

2. Enter material size in millimeters, it is recommended to enter material size so that the height of a page is more than the width.

3. Enter maximum values of Workspace dimensions of your equipment, they can be bigger or smaller than material. Like wise enter values for margins.

4. You can enable option “allow figure enclosure”, then PlotCalc can put one figure inside the other one when arranging, see example:

Enclosure is allowed
Enclosure is not allowed

5. Enter rotation step, for instance, if the material has different structure in different directions, it is possible to enter such step as 180°, 90° or forbid figure rotation at all.

6. Enter minimum distance between figures, usually 0-10 mm, at arranging PlotCalc will not place figures closer than defined distance.

7. If your material is of nonrectangular shape, e.g. animal skin, then enable option “Place inside of the biggest figure”

8. Click “Place” button and wait for the result.

9. If the result does not satisfy you or in case if, for instance, there is a few number of figures on a new page, then it is recommended to click the button “More options” several times as there is probability of finding out of more dense option.


After receiving the result you can set up the formatting, i.e. lines and identifications that will be drawn by PlotCalc in Corel

Note that if the material sheet is bigger than your equipment workspace (the material is not placed), PlotCalc shows you how to split the material sheet into pages preliminary. At first, it is necessary to cut material by the horizontal lines as they are straight and not by steps and then by the vertical ones. This opportunity is very useful for the owners of equipment of small dimensions since it helps to arrange figures on a page in an efficient and fast way.


Material size 3000х4000
Workspace of equipment, considering margins 1600х1600

Material size 1000х4000
Workspace of equipment, considering margins 1200х580

Material size 1000х4000
Workspace of equipment, considering margins 1200х5000

Material size 1000х1000
Workspace of equipment, considering margins 1200х580

Material size figured material
Workspace of equipment, considering margins -




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