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Removing duplicate lines (coincident lines)


This function is useful for preparing your layout for laser, CNC router or cutting plotter, it allows you to quickly remove all duplicate lines in CorelDRAW that overlap each other, thus avoiding double passes.


Removing duplicate lines (coincident lines)

To apply, select several vector objects and click the corresponding button on the PlotCalc toolbar

Removing duplicate lines (coincident lines)

All duplicate lines will then be removed:

Result of removing duplicate lines

You can also set the sensitivity threshold to trigger the duplicate line removal algorithm, the default is 0.025 mm (1/40 mm). It is also possible to set the sensitivity depending on line width:

Sensitivity setting


The algorithm works for both straight line segments and Bézier curves.

If you select too many objects, it may take some time to complete the operation because the algorithm is very resource intensive. To abort and cancel the operation, press [Esc].

Three conditions must be met for the algorithm to be triggered:

1. The largest distance between lines must be less than the user-specified distance, or less than half the thickness of the thickest line, if this is the user-specified setting.

2. The angle between the lines must not exceed 1° (5° for Bezier).

3. If we represent the line in parametric form, the parameter t of at least one point of the end of the line for the second line must be from 0 to 1 (0 < t < 1), i.e. one line must be inside the other.

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